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Best Sites To Learn Mexican Spanish Slang

Thought you knew Spanish, because you learned it in school? Well, guess again! Every country has their own way of speaking Spanish and Mexico is no exception. Many of us are used to hearing a little bit of Mexican slang. However, It goes way beyond, "¿Qué onda, güey?" 

Mexico mixes native indigenous languages and many anglicisms into their Spanish. Not to mention they also have a way of giving nicknames to almost everything. This is why I have compiled a list of the best Mexican slang resources. A lot of these lists may repeat some of the same words and phrases, but that is OK, because on each one there are plenty of different words and phrases. If Mexican Spanish is the dialect that you intend to learn, you will want to bookmark these sites to be able to reference them again later!

Sites Written In English

(*Contains vulgar language*)

This site has a very extensive list of Mexican words. When I first found this list I was amazed, because Mexican Spanish is so different. Make sure that you write words and phrases down and study them, so that you can study them and commit them to memory. This site contains vulgar speech, which I am not a fan of,  but it is important to know it, so that you can know what someone is saying to you, or about you or someone else in a heated moment.

This site has more than the typical words that you will see on every single Mexican Spanish site that just teaches you words like, "órale." I was impressed with the word selection here, and how they were separated by category.

Interested in seeing how Mexican Spanish and Puerto Rican Spanish relate? Check out this page which translate Mexican Spanish words to Puerto Rican Spanish words, and then to English.

Sites that Are Only In Spanish 

4. Es La Moda

Explaining Mexican Spanish is easier to do in Spanish than in English. Check out this site to find some of the common words and phrases that Mexicans use all of the time.

5. Diccionario Digital

This site gets straight to the point with a long list of Mexican words from A-Z. I recommend that you break these words up and study them for weeks until you have completely learned them. I wouldn't tackle these all in one day.

     This list is full of words and phrases used in Mexico. It is lengthy which is good for long term learning. Pace it out, so that you don't get overwhelmed with these words.

Alternate Resources For Mexicanismos

The sites above are good for learning Mexican words here and there, but if you want a few resources that are more organized, and teach you things not found in these lists, Click on one of the books below to check it out and purchase it from Amazon.




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