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Best Ways To Remember What You Learn In Spanish

* Leer artículo en español * You've finally decided to go out on a limb, and step out of your comfort zone by putting into practice what you've been studying in Spanish. You're finally having a conversation with a Spanish speaker and it's going so well. You start to feel like your studies have paid off, but then it happens.. You're stuck. You should know how to respond, but you just don't remember what you need to say! You are now in panic mode and you decide to cut the conversation short and leave in a hurry. The above scenario happens way to often to those who are learning a new language. Although embarrassing moments and public mistakes can be helpful motivators and can push us to correct our mistakes, so that we never have to feel that way again, I think we'd all prefer to not make those mistakes at all. I'd like to offer you some tips on how to retain what you learn in Spanish and be able to retrieve the words and phrases that you ne