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Top 14 Spanish Breakup Songs For Learning Spanish Vocabulary

        Music always seems to comfort the brokenhearted. There are certain songs that speak to our hearts and put our pain into such poetic phrases that we cannot think of on our own. Others, like myself, just love sad songs even when they are not brokenhearted.  Since I loved sad songs, and I loved Spanish, I combined the two and started to listen to Spanish breakup songs in order to help me learn Spanish. I listened to the same songs over and over to use context clues to figure out the meaning of words. Also, I would take note of the popular words that were heard across the board from many songs.  Below is a list of my top 14 Spanish breakup songs (w/ lyrics). Since I know that everyone likes different genres, I tried my best to include songs for a all tastes of music. I also have them separated by reason for the breakup. Let me know what your favorite songs were from this list, and what songs you think I should have added to the list.

Just Truly Brokenhearted

1. Reik - Te Fuiste De Aqui (Pop)
English Translation - "You Went Away From Here"

Reik has SO MANY great heartbreak songs, that I thought about doing a post on them alone. This song here is so deep, and poetic.  I think that it has useful descriptions of how it feels when someone that you love breaks up with you. From the instrumental to the words, this is a great song to listen to, and also a great song from which to learn Spanish. If this is not your style, don't worry. There is are plenty of other options. 

2. Marc Anthony - No Sabes Como Duele (Salsa)
English Translation - "You Don't Know How It Hurts"

This song is for the Salseros! (People who love Salsa).  One thing that I love about latin music is that you can dance to some of the sad songs. Even though the lyrics are about heartbreak, the instrumental is full of life and rhythm that makes you want to move. I love to dance around my kitchen to this type of stuff. Marc Anthony's voice is soothing, yet powerful at the same time making the song very easy to listen to. Go ahead and give this song a listen. See if you can get the gist of what he is saying.

3. Banda MS - A Lo Mejor (Banda)
English Translation - "Maybe"

So he/she left you and you just don't know why, or how they could move on so fast if you were there true love.. Yeah the same thing happened here in this song. This song is sung with so much emotion as well as composed terrifically. Translate this one into English and see if it speaks to you. 

4. Vicente Fernandez - Por Tu Maldito Amor (Ranchera/Mexican)
English Translation - "Because Of Your Cursed/Damned Love"

Before listening to this song, go ahead and grab yourself a cold one. This is one of those songs that you just drink to because you can hear the pain in Vicente's voice. The man is practically crying. I love the lyrics of this song. I feel like at one point I could relate to this song, so deciphering the lyrics was really fun to me, and when I could fully understand the song, I would sing it at the top of my lungs. If you dno't like Mexican music, give this one a try anyway. You may be surprised. 

Tired Of Their Crap

5. Romeo Santos ft Mario Domm - Rival (Pop)
English Translation - "Rival"

These 2 kings of poetry came together to create this masterpiece. This song talks about a rocky relationship that you just can't stand anymore. If you've been there before, check this one out. Learn what they are saying and blast it at 100% in your car every time thoughts of that relationship pop into your head!

6. Bachata Heightz - Dime Porque (Bachata)
English Translation - "Tell Me Why"

You must know that modern day Bachata is pretty much Latin R&B. This song right here is an example of the influence that R&B has had on this Dominican genre. Many of my haircutting clients loved this song when I would play it, and I think you will to. If you've been wronged before and never got closure listen to this smooth song and try to interpret what is being said, while feeling it at the same time!

7. Bad Bunny - Soy Peor (Trap)
English Translation - "I'm Worse"

Yes! Latin Trap does exist, and this is the first trap song that I have heard about a broken heart. I'm sure that more exist, but I don't really listen to trap music. If your ex created a numb, careless, monster out of you, then you already know what to do with this song. This song is the real deal, and lets you hear some Puerto Rican slang.

8. Jesse y Joy - La De La Mala Suerte (Pop)
Enlgish Translation - "The One With The Bad Luck"

He just couldn't get it right.. All she wanted was for him to love her honestly and sincerely Unfortunately, just like her other attempts at love, she ended up hurt again because of her "bad luck". You've been there before huh? Well, listening to this will touch your soul!

So.. You're the one who messed up this time..

9. Aventura - El Perdedor (Bachata)
English Translation - "The Loser"

If one man won't do it, another man will. If you didn't treat her right and lost her to another who did, and you now hate the guy that took her from you, this is your song. I've almost been there before. regardless, I love the song!

10. Reik - Ciego (Pop)
English Translation - "Blind"

This song is for those of us who lost our significant other because we didn't see their worth, and now we regret it. You'll feel it when the course hits. It'll make you wanna sit in a chair in the corner and cry. Go ahead and translate it. 

11. Camila - Alejate de mi (Rock)
English Translation - "Leave Me"

You faked who you were in the beginning to win her heart, but now you feel guilty because you see how wonderful she truly is, so you let her know how bad you really are and give her the choice to leave.. Yeah.. No one ever does that, but in this song it happened. How considerate!

Agreeing To Let It Go

12. Reik - Con La Cara En Alta (Ballad/Rock)
English Translation - "With Our Heads Up"

Trying to end it on a good note with no hard feelings? Guess it's better than ending it as enemies who hate eachother... 

 13. Luis Fonsi - Se Supone (Ballad)
English Translation -  "They Suppose/It Is Supposed"

"Just because you guys split doesn't mean that the feelings magically disappeared. I'm still cool with your family, and I miss you." That's the moral of this song. Luis Fonsi is one of the strongest singers out there in any language. Listen and enjoy while attempting to grasp the language. 

14. Selena Quintanilla - No Me Queda Mas (Ballad)
English Translation - "I Don't Have Any Other Option."

Selena had so much hope that it would work out, but she had no other option but to give up. such a sad and common story to us all. Have fun interpreting this beautiful song! #RIPSelena

I learned about half of my Spanish through songs like these. You can do it too if you really try to see what they are saying and take notes of common words. This is a fun way to do it, other wise you have to read boring books and other stuff that you can't relate to. Why hate learning when you can enjoy it? As I mentioned before please let me know what you think of my list. Do you agree with it? Or do you wish I had added something else. I'd love to hear your opinion. If you liked this post. Please share! Thanks!


  1. Learning Spanish opens a door to rich cultures and vibrant conversations. Embrace the challenge, explore the nuances, and immerse yourself in the beauty of a language that connects millions worldwide.


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